Texas: Jury Pool Recruitment

Recruiting from the Jury Pool

The Texas team developed a process to recruit jury pool members to the Houston (Harris County) engagement sessions on the same day of their jury duty.

The team partnered with the Harris County district clerk and jury manager who coordinate jury pools for the district court. The Texas team briefed the district clerk and jury manager about the engagement activities and discussed how engaging jury pool members would benefit the project.

How They Did It

The Texas team and jury manager agreed to recruit individuals who showed up for jury duty but were found not qualified to serve as jurors that day.

  • The jury manager then briefed the disqualified jury pool members about the public engagement project and asked if they were willing to participate in an engagement. The team offered a meal and gift card as an incentive.
  • The jury manager then directed interested individuals to the engagement session, which was convened in another room at the courthouse.
  • Texas team members welcomed the individuals, oriented them to the project, and initiated the engagement session after enough people were recruited.

Toolkit Tidbit: Texas Reflects on Discovering Jury Pools as Recruitment Opportunities?