Managing Social Media

social mediaNCSC is pleased to provide a range of resources to help courts understand and manage social media.

1.  Social media resource guide
Social media, or any media that uses the internet to disseminate information  through social interaction, is becoming increasing prevalent within the court system. Our social media resource guide covers a variety of areas of social media's affect in court.

  • Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) & high courts
    Find out which AOCs and high courts are using new media these days.
  • Social media and juries 
    Discover how social media impacts juries, judges, court employees in the courtroom.
  • Implications of judges and attorneys using social media
    Some of the questions we address: Should judges be on social media?  What are some limitations judges and attorneys should consider on social media?
  • Social media policies
    Staff and court use guidelines are provided to help courts maintain a safe,  secure social media network.