Judicial Conduct Reporter

The Judicial Conduct Reporter, published quarterly, summarizes recent decisions and advisory opinions, reports developments in judicial discipline, and includes articles on judicial ethics and discipline procedure topics.  The winter issue (the first one in the year) reviews the previous year in judicial ethics and discipline:  reporting on discipline statistics, summarizing all cases in which judges were removed, and reviewing the top stories.
Most recent issue

Winter 2023

  • State judicial discipline in 2022
  • Removal cases in 2022
  • Top judicial ethics and discipline stories of 2022
    • What judges said and did in the pandemic that got them in trouble
    • Federal judicial discipline
    • Judicial confrontations
  • What judges said that got them in trouble in 2022
    • What they said in criminal cases
    • What they said in civil and family law cases
    • What they said to or about court staff and other judges
    • What they said that abused the prestige of office
    • What they said outside the courthouse

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