Just Horizons: Building Future-Ready Courts

How prepared is your court system to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world?

The Just Horizons initiative is dedicated to helping courts anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities affecting the delivery of high-quality justice to all who use our courts. Building a robust and resilient court system for the future requires a commitment to innovation and change across all levels of state courts, across all states, and across all stakeholders, internal and external, who cherish the values of an impartial, responsive, and transparent judicial system. Only with our combined efforts at the local, state, and national level will we be able to drive change at the speed and scale needed for courts to thrive in our fast-moving, hyper-connected, and complex world.

Here’s how to start:

  • Watch the webinar launch of "Just Horizons: The Campaign to Build Future-Ready Courts."
  • Read the Just Horizons report, at right.
  • Ask members of your court/court system to take the Court Future Readiness Assessment and discuss your results. Begin your assessment.
  • Explore the individual vulnerabilities, shown below. The Just Horizons report identifies six key areas of vulnerability facing courts as we move into the future. Together, the six vulnerability areas focus on challenges to delivering high-quality justice to all individuals using the court system. To the extent that courts work on these areas of vulnerability, they will meet the challenges delivering justice now and into the future from a position of strength.
  • Tell us if you are interested in joining a learning network of colleagues working on areas of vulnerability and sharing successes, resources and lessons learned.