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Navigating Leadership Webinar Series

Discover how NCSC's Navigating Leadership webinar series can improve performance across your organization. Between now and November, NCSC will dive into leadership best practices with court experts from across the country. Regardless of where you are in your court career, the Navigating Leadership series has something to offer for everyone!

Topics and Dates

Webinars are on the second Wednesday of each month through November 2024 at 11 a.m. ET via Zoom, unless otherwise noted.  A single registration link provides access to the entire eight-part series.

Next Installment

How To Get and Give Good Feedback
August 14 @ 11 a.m. ET

As a leader, listening to your colleagues and staff, considering their perspectives, and responding are essential to improving court performance, bolstering morale, fostering employee engagement, and honing your own leadership skills. However, court leaders sometimes struggle with how and when to obtain staff feedback. Leaders should also thoughtfully consider how to use the feedback to improve operations. In this session, Marcus Reinkensmeyer, Deputy Director for the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts, will discuss strategies for giving and receiving feedback. The session will also cover examples of how and why courts should employ feedback loops, how the information should be used, and the importance of communicating the message that leadership values staff feedback.

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Future Webinars

  • September 11 - What Does Leadership Mean to You?: The word “leadership” is often used in various contexts, and it can have different meanings to different people. What does it mean in the world of courts? Why is leadership important in the court environment? In this session, we will discuss the traits of an effective court leader, how leaders motivate and inspire others, and what court leaders find to be most challenging in their role. Panelists include: Aaron Hood, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Indiana Supreme Court; Chief Judge Donald R. Johnson, 19th Judicial District of the Parish of East Baton Rouge; and  Gayle Lafferty, Delaware State Court Administrator.
  • October 9 - Transitioning To a New Leadership Role: Court Systems rely on effective leadership to operate effectively and efficiently, and leadership requires more than just seniority or title.  Embracing a new leadership position can be a transformative experience that can lead to personal growth and professional development. It also sends a signal that the organization is committed to promoting growth within. Transitioning into a new leadership role allows individuals to showcase their skills and make a positive impact on their teams and organizations. In this session, we will explore techniques for successfully positioning yourself for leadership opportunities. Panelists will share their personal insights on their own experiences with transitions into leadership roles while discussing the challenges they encountered, and lessons learned along the way.
  • November 13 - Developing A Leadership Culture: Developing a leadership culture is fundamental to the success of an organization. Encouraging collaboration, innovation and accountability from individuals is just the starting point to empowering staff to cultivate their leadership skills and foster a growth mindset.  Inviting individuals to feel motivated to take ownership of their responsibilities and positively contribute to the success of the organization creates a culture where leadership becomes more than just a function of a role, leadership becomes a collective commitment to excellence. In this session, panelists will discuss insights on his/her own journey developing a leadership culture, examine common obstacles to creating this culture and equip the audience with frameworks and tactics that they can use to build and champion their own leadership culture.

Past Webinars