Data-driven performance management

It is nearly impossible to accurately evaluate performance without data. The resources listed below can assist courts with data collection and assessment.

CourTools offers a way to evaluate performance by using Trial Court Performance Measures. Measures that address caseflow management include:

  • Clearance Rates
  • Time to Disposition
  • Age of Active Pending Caseload
  • Trial Date Certainty

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National Open Court Data Standards (NODS) provides business and technical court data standards that were created by the Conference of State Court Administrators and NCSC.

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Court Backlog Reduction Simulator

To address caseload concerns, NCSC has developed a backlog reduction simulator to help courts evaluate the number and types of pending cases while also identifying where delays exist. Additionally, the tool can draw on historical data to show caseload projections with and without interventions.

Court Backlog Reduction Simulator