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PHASE: A Practical Approach to Implementation

Implementation science is the study of strategies to promote the adoption and integration of policies, practices, and programs.  The PHASE framework is a practical approach to help courts implement new policies, programs, and practices through several pivotal PHASEs.

 P - PURPOSE establishes clear reasons for change, aligning stakeholders and outcomes.
 H - HOW focuses on readiness assessment, ensuring an adaptable environment and cultural alignment.
 A - ACTION PLAN provides a structured roadmap, optimizing resources and accountability.
 S - SUPPORT empowers court professionals through training and coaching, fostering engagement and positive culture.
 E - EXAMINE entails ongoing evaluation, using data to refine implementation strategies and celebrate progress.  

Implementation Consulting Collaborative – Fall 2023

The Implementation Consulting Collaborative (ICC) will provide training and coaching to help build the capacity of courts to successfully implement and sustain changes in policy and practice.

ICC participants will be trained in the PHASE framework to assess their court's readiness to implement new efforts, anticipate outcomes of new policies and practices, identify threats, ensure resources, and support, and develop individualized action plans.  Over 12 months, participants will engage in a multi-stage coaching method to guide your court’s implementation process.

The Fall 2023 application period has closed.