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Tracking Trends in State Courts

Tracking Trends in State Courts 2023

June 28, 2023 -- Find inspiration for improved access, outreach and operations in the pages of Trends in State Courts 2023. Released today, Trends in State Courts is an annual, peer-reviewed publication produced at NCSC that features articles that highlight innovative practices in critical areas of interest to courts.

“Upholding the rule of law is a difficult calling,” notes NCSC President Mary C. McQueen in the publication’s introduction. “Over just the last few years, state courts have faced challenges from a pandemic, social movements, and new technology – and have learned and applied valuable lessons from them.”

Trends 2023 explores technology innovations like SANDI, Miami’s advanced artificial intelligence chatbot that can understand user requests in English and Spanish and can help web visitors find frequently requested information, such as judicial directories, courtroom Zoom ID numbers, and case information.

NCSC authors Diane Robinson and Zachary Zarnow address how universal design can make courts more accessible. The authors note that “the last three years have created a wave of change and adaptation in state courts at a pace and breadth never before seen. While rapid change has been challenging, it has also unlocked new opportunities for courts to increase access to justice and embrace user-centered innovations and accessibility advancements.”

Lou Gieszl and Judge Vicki Ballou-Watts of Maryland detail their state’s work on community engagement efforts. “Local-level forum planning helps to address issues that matter most to the community. In Maryland, fairness in sentencing and equal treatment under the law were consistent concerns expressed by attendees. Our forums offered community members—along with members of the bench, the bar, and justice partners—an opportunity to discuss such concerns in depth, as well as to hear different perspectives on selected topics.”

Other articles in the 2023 edition of Trends in State Courts include:

  • Measuring Access and Fairness in Remote Court Proceedings
  • User Feedback is Essential
  • Disarming Disinformation – Guidelines for Courts to Combat Threats
  • Tapping Technology for Probation Services
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) – Is It Right for Your IT Environment?
  • Implementing an Internal Treatment Court Monitoring and Evaluation Infrastructure
  • Supported Decision-Making as an Alternative to Guardianship
  • Michigan: Auto State or State of Suspension?

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