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Texas and North Dakota: Considering bills to make leaking draft judicial opinions misdemeanors

A review of state legislation affecting the courts

February 3, 2023 -- Since 2006, Gavel to Gavel has tracked state-by-state legislative activity with potential impact on state courts.

Notable legislation includes:

  • Texas and North Dakota consider bills to make leaking draft judicial opinions misdemeanors
  • Montana House committee approves measure to that removes power of district judges and supreme court to name members of Judicial Standards Commission and transfers power to Speaker of the House and Attorney General
  • Bills to protect addresses of judges and other court personnel advance in Hawai'i, Florida, and Virginia
  • Bills to examine and reform local limited jurisdiction courts advance in Montana (Municipal Courts) and Utah (Justice Courts)
  • Nevada bill would require all judges running unopposed be subject to a yes/no retention election instead
  • West Virginia House considers impeachment for Family Court Judge, however, judge resigns before the process starts