Caseflow & Workflow management

Since case adjudication is the principle business of the courts, NCSC's Court Consulting Services provides caseflow management and delay reduction services to general, limited, appellate and special jurisdiction (such as juvenile, family, probate, drug, and enforcement) courts.

Our consultants evaluate, design, and implement process improvement projects in the following areas:

Backlog reduction

Identification of existing case backlog and development of strategies to eliminate the backlog and prevent it from recurring.

Calendar structure analysis

Evaluation of existing calendar structure and the resource demands of various calendar components. Can include the development of a calendar model that reduces problems of competing demands on system resources and improves the throughput of cases on the daily calendar.

Caseflow management

Identification of current case processing, and production and development of improved processes to improve case processing in order to meet client defined goals.

  • The Effective Criminal Caseflow Management Project (ECCM) (2015-2018) will discover, document, and disseminate guidance on the most effective practices for misdemeanor and felony caseflow management in the state courts. Using a broad sample of trial courts, the project will document evidence-based solutions appropriate for a wide range of courts.
Development of time standards

Facilitation of a process involving court leaders and key stakeholders to reach consensus on normative standards for how long cases should take in the jurisdiction.

Differentiated case management

Identification of the varying levels of resources needed to dispose of various case sub-types and the design of a caseflow system that allocates the appropriate resources necessary to promptly and efficiently dispose of the cases.

Post-adjudication case management

Identification of post-adjudication case processing issues, such as sanction enforcement or modification of decrees, and development of strategies to improve the case management to meet client defined goals.

Past projects >
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Criminal Case Efficiency Study for the Delaware State Trial Courts and Justice Agencies, 2016-2020

Calendaring and Caseflow Process Review for the Guam Superior Court, 2019-2020

Court Criminal Calendaring Project for the Jefferson District Court of Kentucky, 2019-2020

Case Management and Calendaring Assessment for the 10th Judicial District of Minnesota, 2019-2020

Caseflow and Calendaring Assessment for the 2nd Judicial Circuit of Arkansas, 2019-2020


Case Management and Calendaring Assessment for the Yakima County, Washington Courts, 2018-2019

Caseflow Management Best Practices Study for the Courts of Cook County, Illinois, 2016-2019

Criminal Caseflow Management Analysis for the Spokane, Washington Courts, 2018-2019

Criminal Court Planning Project for the Jefferson County, Kentucky District Court, 2018-2019

Efficiency, Process, and Operations Review for the 17th Circuit Court of Illinois, 2018-2019

Law Library Usage Review for the New Mexico Courts, 2018-2019


Calendaring System Assessment for the 18th Judicial District Court, Kansas, 2017-2018

Commercial Court Calendar Review Project for the Maricopa County, Arizona Courts, 2016-2018

Court Caseflow Management (CFM) System Study for the North Dakota Supreme Court, 2016-2018


Case Assignment and Calendaring Analysis for the 1st Judicial District of Dakota County, Minnesota, 2017

Case Management Evaluation for the 17th Judicial District of Colorado, 2017

Criminal Justice Study for the City of Lynnwood, Washington, 2017

Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Study for the Idaho Supreme Court, 2017

Law Library and Self-Represented Litigant Services Evaluation for the Cochise County, Arizona Superior Court, 2017

Magistrate Operations and Workflow Analysis for the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida, 2017

Workforce Planning and Process Study for the State Bar of California, 2017


Analysis of Innovative Approaches to Appellate Case Resolution (SJI Grant), 2016

Calendaring and Docketing Study for the Washington County, Oregon Circuit Court, 2016

DWI Caseflow Management Assessment for the Wake County, North Carolina Courts, 2016

Justice Reinvestment Initiative Implementation Assistance for the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, 2016

Review of Caseflow Management and Calendaring Procedures Conducted for the Second Judicial District of Minnesota, 2016


Assessment of Case Management Practices and Training for the Arkansas 1st Judicial Circuit, 2015

Calendar and Docketing Management Study for the Courts of Washington County, Oregon, 2015

Caseflow Management Assessment for the Iowa 6th Judicial District, 2015

Caseflow Management Review for the Wake County, North Carolina DWI Court, 2015

Pretrial Study for the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor's Office, 2015

Program Improving the Criminal Courts Processes and Workflows (BJA), 2015

Study of Criminal Division Workflow for the Superior Court of Alameda County, California, 2015


Assessment of the Work Processes for the Thurston County, Washington, District Court, 2014

Assist with Developing a Strategic Plan to Implement an Integrated Criminal Justice Information System for the Superior Court of California, County of Calaveras (SJI Grant), 2014

Caseflow Management Training for Administrative Judges for the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts, 2014

Interim Chief Information Officer Assistance for the Vermont Judiciary, 2014

Judicial Leadership Organizational Assessment for the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts, 2014

Operational Review of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Pretrial Services Unit of the Adult Probation Department for the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, 2014

Readiness Assessment of Adult Probation Department for the Superior Court of California, County of Imperial (SJI Grant), 2014


Assessment to Improve Probate Matters for the Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2013

Assist the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Cruz, with Performance Report and Management Information System Capabilities (subcontractor to Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ), 2013

Develop Jury Management Technology Standards for the District Courts for Fourth Judicial District Court of Minnesota (SJI Grant), 2013

Evaluation of Court Improvement Program and Guardian Ad Litem System for the Maine Administrative Office of the Courts (SJI Grant), 2013

Organizational Assessment of the Adult Probation and Parole Department for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, 2013

Organizational Structure and Workflow Evaluation for the Criminal Division of the City of Seattle, Washington, City Attorney’s Office, 2013

Study of Felony Sexual Assault Cases Involving Child Victims and Adult Defendants (subcontractor to University of New Hampshire), 2013


Assist with Development of Time Standards for the Arkansas Judiciary for the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts (SJI Grant), 2012

Assistance with Transition from Master Calendar System to Individual Judge Calendar System for Merced County, California Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2012

Calendaring and Case Management in the Anchorage District Court, Alaska, 2012

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Caseflow Management and Calendaring Consulting for Wright County (Tenth Judicial District), Minnesota District Court, 2012

Caseflow Management Training for the Twenty-second Circuit Court, McHenry County, Illinois, 2012

Involuntary Commitment Calendar Caseflow Consulting for King County, Washington Superior Court, 2012


Assessment of Clerical Office and Caseflow Management in Muscogee County, Georgia Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2011

Caseflow Management Training for Judges for the Federal Mine and Health Review Commission, 2011

Update of Model Time Standards for State Courts with the Conference of Chief Justices, Conference of State Court Administrators, and the American Bar Association House of Delegates (SJI Grant), 2011

Evaluation of Criminal Case Processing for the 17th Judicial District of Louisiana (SJI Grant), 2011

Review of Collections Process for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System (SJI Grant), 2011


Assistance in Addressing the Delay in the Disposition of Domestic Relations Cases for the Snohomish County, Washington, Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2010

Assistance in Developing a Caseflow Management System for the Spokane, Washington, County District Court (SJI Grant), 2010

Criminal Caseflow Assessment for the Seattle, Washington, Municipal Court (SJI Grant), 2010

Criminal Court Case Management Review for the Second Judicial District Court, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, 2010

Evaluation of Criminal Caseflow and Pretrial Detention Practices for the 16th Judicial Circuit, Shelby County, Indiana (SJI Grant), 2010

Human Resource Process Study of the General Court Clerk’s Office for Shelby County, Tennessee, 2010

Judicial Process Study for the Olathe Municipal Court, Kansas, 2010


Analysis of Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Magistrate Criminal Calendar for the Fourth Judicial District, Ada County, Idaho, 2009

Assist in the Development of Standard Operating Procedures of the Supreme and Superior Courts of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, 2009

Court Facility Master Plan Review and Case Filing Projection Model for the Judiciary of Guam, 2009

Evaluation of New Criminal Caseflow Management Structure in the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, 2009

Identification of Impediments to Timely and Effective Processing of Criminal Cases and Instituting Improvement in the Case Processing System for the Fourth Judicial District Court, Monroe, Louisiana, 2009

Process Evaluation of the Fathering Reentry Court Program for the District of Columbia Courts, 2009

Refine and Improve the Judges’ Calendaring System for the Sixth Judicial District (Duluth), Minnesota, 2009

Study of Caseflow and Case Management in Child Maltreatment Cases for the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, 2009


Appellate Workflow Study for the Iowa Supreme Court, 2008

Case Management Study for the Appellate Division First Department for the New York State Supreme Court), 2008

Improving Criminal Caseflow Management in the Alaska Superior Court in Anchorage (Technical Assistance), 2008


Kern County, California, Jail Overcrowding Study (subcontractor to Justice Concepts, Inc.) 2007

Okaloosa County, Florida Jail Study, 2007

Preliminary Assessment of Judicial Case Management for the Lancaster County Court Nebraska (Technical Assistance) 2007

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Arizona, Management Process Improvement (subcontractor to Point B Solutions) 2007


Assessment of Clerk’s Office for Alaska Supreme Court and Appellate Court, 2006

Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Study of Scheduling Practices for Driving While Intoxicated Cases, 2006

Brevard County, Florida, Comparative Analysis of Operations Case Management, 2006

Chesterfield, Virginia, Alternative Court Scheduling Techniques, 2006

Evaluation of Diversified Docket in 18th Judicial District (Arapahoe County) For the Colorado Judicial District, 2006

Hawai’i Drug Courts: Statewide Process Evaluation, Phase 1, 2006

Initial Criminal Case Processing in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 2006

Maryland Workflow Analysis and Data Systems Documentation, 2006

Mesa, Arizona, Public Accountability Framework, Business Process Workflows and Information Technology Review, 2006

Salem, Oregon Municipal Court, Operational Efficiency Study, 2006


Arrest to Filing Assessment, Tarrant County, Texas, 2005

Assistance in Developing Uniform Case Filing Standards for the Montana Administrative Office of the Courts (Technical Assistance) 2005

Caseflow and Personnel Efficiencies Knox County, Tennessee, Business Process Review of General Sessions and Criminal Court Clerk’s Offices, 2005

Judiciary of Guam, Review of Management Practices, Judicial Workload, 2005

Management and Calendaring Study for the Maricopa County, Arizona Juvenile Division of the Superior Court, 2005

Management and Workflow Review of the Wright County District Court, Buffalo, Minnesota (Technical Assistance) 2005

Pinal County, Arizona, Superior Court, Operational Review and Workflow Analysis, 2005

Process Improvement and Re-engineering Efforts in New Hampshire Courts, 2005


Analysis of Existing Case Processing Systems and Creation of a Timeline, 2004

Florida Courts Technology Commission Implementation of Electronic Filing for the Clerk, 2004

Michigan Administrative Office of the Courts, Develop Drug Court Case Management System RFP, 2004

Minnesota Judicial Branch Technical Analysis of Uniform Court Practice #18, 2004

Missouri 31st Judicial Circuit, Judicial Caseload Allocation and Caseflow Management, 2004

Municipal Court of Seattle, Washington, Functional Requirements Process Re-Engineering and Constructing RFP for Case Management System, 2004

North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, Public Access Pricing Schema, 2004

Osceola County, Florida Circuit Courts, Study of the Adoption and Implementation of Electronic Document Filing Systems, 2004

Project Plan for the Development of a Unified Case Management System in the Puerto Rico Courts, 2004

Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Performance Audit, 2004

Vermont Administrative Office of the Courts Case Management System Requirements Analysis, 2004

Review of Collections Process for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System (SJI Grant), 2013
Review of Foreclosure Cases for the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas, 2009