Alabama (joined 2007)

Language Access Coordinator Contact 
Nathan Wilson
Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts
300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104-300
Phone: (334) 954-5052

Code of Ethics or Rules of Professional Conduct:

Language Access Plan:

Interpreter Statutes and Rules: Alabama Code Section 15-1-3 (foreign language interpreters); 12-21-131 et sq. (sign language interpreters)  

Coordination/Supervision of Interpreters: Administrative Office of Courts administers testing in accord with LASS rules/standards. Judges have discretion as to appointment of interpreters.

Cost of Interpreter Services ( including fees to freelance and salaries of staff interpreters): Unknown

Budget for Language Access Program (not including direct interpreter services): $0 - $50,000

Funding for Language Access Program: Court’s General Operating Budget

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (spoken language): N/A

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (sign language): N/A

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified spoken language): $25 - $45 (depending on the level of the interpreter's certification).

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified sign language): $120 or $150 per hour for first two hours (depending on RID certification); $60 or $75 per hour thereafter (depending on RID certification).

Difference in Pay between Spanish and LOTS Interpreters: None

Minimum Certification Requirements: Registration, Criminal Background Check, E-Verify Form, pass NCSC written exam at 80%, Oath of Office, Pass NCSC Oral Examination at 70%, Orientation Seminar.

2018 Dates and Locations of Testing and Training: