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Language Access Services
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Claudia Ortega, Supervising Analyst
Court Interpreter Program
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Language Access

Court Interpreters Program

Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts

Language Access Toolkit

Advisory Committee on Providing Access and Fairness

Court Interpreters Advisory Panel

Interpreter Statutes and Rules: Cal. Const., Article I § 14; Cal. Government Code §§ 68560-68566; Cal. Rules of Court, Rules 2.890-2.895

Coordination/Supervision of InterpretersCalifornia has approximately 1,900 total court employee court interpreters and independent contractor court interpreters that are coordinated and supervised by individual trial courts.  Cross assignments of employee interpreters to other courts are coordinated through the Judicial Council's Regional Court Interpreter Coordinators.

Cost of Interpreter Services (including fees to independent contractors and salaries of staff interpreters): The total appropriation for fiscal year (FY) 2018–19, including $87,000 for maintenance of the Court Interpreter Data Collection System, was $108,960,000, of which $108,873,000 was available for reimbursement of eligible court interpreter expenditures. Court interpreter expenditure reports are available at

Budget for Language Access Program (not including direct interpreter services):  Approximately $6 million, including the following: Judicial Council staff supporting language access; test development and administration; interpreter compliance activities; signage and technology grants for courts; interpreter credential review and education; and program and policy development.

Funding for Language Access ProgramGovernor’s Budget Act

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (spoken language)Annual $71,000-$84,261

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (sign language): Annual $71,000-$84,261

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified spoken language): $156/ half day;  $282/ full day –with local discretion to meet unique needs

Difference in Pay between Spanish and LOTS Interpreters: Unknown

2020 Dates and Locations of Testing and Training:

The English Written Exam and Oral Proficiency Exams for bilingual staff or registered interpreter candidates are available year-round at multiple locations around California.

Bilingual Interpreter Exam dates and location information is available here:

Additional Information:

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