Nathan W. Hall |

Nathan Hall, LEED AP® Certified Registered Architect and Court Management Consultant, provides expert technical assistance to state and local courts on their facility planning and design projects.

His expertise includes strategic planning analysis, design and architectural evaluation, program and master plan development, court security analysis, and court technology requirements analysis. Previous to his employment at NCSC, he worked as a design project manager for David Wise Architects in Denver (CO).

Mr. Hall received his B.S. degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland (OR) and his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning.

Highlights of NCSC Projects:

  • Halifax County (VA) Concept and Schematic Design Development
  • Volusia County (FL) Electronic Courtroom Assessment and Design
  • Maui (HI) Security Assessment
  • Ocean County (NJ) Security Assessment
  • Oklahoma City (OK) Municipal Court Concept and Schematic Design Development
  • Orleans Parish (LA) Civil District Court Program and Concept Development
  • Orleans Parish (LA) Criminal District Court Security Assessment
  • Polk County (IA) Judicial Facilities Needs Assessment, Facility Utilization Analysis and Design Programming
  • Mesa (AZ) Court Security Assessment
  • Omaha (NE) Court Security Assessment
  • Maricopa County (AZ) Downtown Criminal Court Tower Building Design Review
  • Hancock County (OH) Courthouse Renovation Concept Planning
  • State of Hawai’i System Wide Facilities Master Plan
  • Anchorage (AK) Courthouse Renovation Concept Planning
  • Cabarrus County (NC) Facilities Program Review
  • Adams County (PA) Courthouse Renovation Concept Planning
  • US Virgin Islands Supreme Court Site Assessment and Space Program
  • Forsyth County (NC) Facilities Program Review
  • Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court Space Program and Conceptual Facility Design
  • New Mexico Court of Appeals Building Security Design Review
  • Houston (TX) Facilities Master Plan and Space Program
  • Republic of Kosovo: Court Facilities Conceptual Design Requirements