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Baby Courts: A Promising Child Protection Court Model to Serve Families with Infants and Toddlers (3/2020, RJOI) Informative brief on a specialty court model for at-risk families that combines  the knowledge of early childhood development, effective evidence-based services for at-risk families with infants and toddlers, and the strength of a trauma informed, collaborative multidisciplinary problem-solving court approach.

Child Welfare Measures for the Judiciary (3/2020, RJOI) Standard measures to help facilitate judicial system improvement. Informs courts on available data sources and  suggests standardized data points that will advance data sharing across local, state, and regional jurisdictions.

MAT Basics and How to Find a Quality MAT Program (2019, RJOI) Provides the basics of MAT in a court setting and offers a list of questions to consider when looking for a quality MAT program or provider. Word template available upon request.

Quality Treatment Provider Assessment: Basic Questions for Courts (2019, RJOI) Provides the judiciary with an introduction to quality treatment provider characteristics. Word template available upon request.


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