State Resources and Publications

The Arizona Courts are making substantial progress in improving
court services for people living with mental illness.

Resources presented at the Texas Judicial Commission on Mental Health summit, October 14-15, 2021.

Image from documentary film The Definition of Insanity

The mental health jail diversion project in Miami is the subject of The Definition of Insanity, a Found Object documentary by Gabriel London & Charlie Sadoff with support from the Matthew H. Ornstein Memorial Foundation.

Illinois Mental Health Task Force Virtual Summit Sessions: Improving the Court and Community Response to Persons with Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Disorders Through Compassion and Hope.

Self-Care in the Courts: N.C. Judicial Branch shared several resources they created for the employees on self-care and awareness.

The Arizona Courts have released a new video entitled Mental Health: It's on Everyone's Mind which is accompanied by additional information on their Mental Health and the Justice System web page.

Former Fulton County, Georgia Court Administrator Yolanda Lewis describes how the community used the SIM and key principles to lead change in Atlanta.

Travis Parker of Policy Research Associates, Inc. shows how to use the SIM tool to identify gaps and opportunities in your community.