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50 Years of Caseflow Management: What Have We Learned? (November 2021)

NCSC experts discuss core concepts that unify and connect 50 years of work across various NCSC initiatives that include person-centered perspectives to provide timely and fair justice.

Moderator: Lydia Hamblin
Panelists: Paula Hannaford-Agor, Alicia Davis, Brian Ostrom, Patti Tobias

Caseflow Management: The Next Generation (July 2021)

NCSC was founded, in part, around improving and implementing effective caseflow management strategies. With courts embracing innovations due to the recent pandemic, this webinar explores what is unfolding for state courts as part of the next generation for caseflow management.

Moderator: Judge Jerome Abrams (MC)

  • Ed Wells, Court Manager, Office of Court Management, Houston, TX
  • Cassandra Kirk, Chief Magistrate Judge, Magistrate Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, GA
  • Judge Jennifer Bailey, Administrative Judge, Circuit Civil Division, Miami, FL
  • Chief Justice John Casey, Probate and Family Court, Boston, MA