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Court security and emergency preparedness

With a diverse array of threats against public institutions and officials on the rise, courts need to remain vigilant in matters of security and emergency preparedness – now more than ever. NCSC offers a wide range of services to help courts improve their security and emergency preparedness posture.

Our diverse portfolio of court security and planning work with courts across the country informs our projects and provides deep insights that we bring to your organization.

NCSC can assess your current physical and operational infrastructure or guide you through developing new plans and implementing improvements. We also provide similar support for emergency preparedness and continuity of operations (COOP) planning.


Our team works with courts and organizations of all sizes to develop the right solution to fit your needs. Projects that NCSC is often called on to assist with include:

  • Physical and operational court security assessments
  • Security planning for facility renovations or new construction
  • Emergency preparedness and COOP planning
  • Training for court security and emergency preparedness

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NCSC has developed a number of resources to assist courts with security, preparedness and personal safety.

Courthouse Security

Emergency Preparedness

Personal Safety

Courthouse Planning