Courthouse planning

Since 1990, the NCSC Court Facility Planning Team has completed over 200 courthouse planning and security assessment projects. Through our comprehensive approach, we address various court planning issues, such as architectural standards, innovative utilization of advanced technology, problem-solving court practices, and effective court case management.

Providing recommendations to improve court service delivery by applying best practices of court management and national standards are the missions of the NCSC.   The specialized and nationally recognized subject experts on the NCSC courthouse planning team capture unique court characteristics, enhance operation practices with visionary solutions, quantify the projected future planning requirements, and transform them into an operationally-based building program and planning document.

The Court Facility Planning Team can help you design a short-term or long-term implementation plan through comprehensive strategic planning that integrates architecture, technology, security, and court operations.

Courthouse Planning and Consultation Services

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Planning services may be provided as:

an independent consultant,

jointly with an architectural firm, or

as a facilitator between the Architect and the court

Security & Emergency Preparedness

We conduct security risk assessments of existing courthouses.

Does your court have an emergency preparedness plan?

Courthouse Planning Resources

Retrospective of Courthouse Design Publications