What happens (in our courts) when America votes?

The judiciary cannot stop disinformation and misinformation campaigns aimed to undermine our elections. But the judiciary does play a key role in safeguarding our elections through the impartial resolution of election disputes. In this webinar series, participants learn about elections administration, election safeguards for the judiciary, legal remedies for election litigation and effective election messaging.

Watch the video series here.


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Dexter Johnson

10 Questions with Dexter Johnson

Born in Richmond, Dexter grew up in the suburb of Midlothian and credits his parents – an educator and a manager of an occupational therapy unit – for instilling a desire to work hard, keep up with current events and learn from life’s experiences. He received a degree in broadcast journalism from Hampton University and last year joined NCSC, where he is a media production specialist. When he’s not working for us, he keeps busy writing trivia questions and blogging about TV game shows. Keep reading to find out why he loves game shows so much.