Technical Requirements for Live Virtual Courses

Ability to access Zoom
Preferably via the Zoom application vs. the website
  • All participants must join using a desktop or laptop device
  • Join Zoom from only 1 device.
  • If joining from, best to use Google Chrome Browser.
Accessing class via the Zoom app on your smart phone is not allowed for ICM certification courses.
  • Any time attending the course on only a phone will not count as time in attendance of the course.
Always ensure your Zoom is up to date:
  • Check your IT department if you do not have the ability to update Zoom or your computer

You will have a link emailed to you after you register in Zoom and you should use it to access the course. Never share your link with another participant.

A reliable wifi connection
Any time missed because of wifi or power outages will not count towards your attendance (see the Online Learning Expectations document for the ICM attendance policy).
Test your connection by opening your own Zoom room meeting a day before class begins.
Adobe Reader to access course materials
A fillable version of course materials will be sent to you to download and open in Adobe Reader
If you only see the instructions when opening the materials, please read the instructions to learn how to access the course materials. They are attached to the instructions.

If you have any trouble connecting to the course, email the ICM Help Desk at