State court websites

This page provides links to state court websites.  You may be able to access court records and court filings on some court websites.

States listed below may include links to :

  • State trial courts (local courts)
  • Appellate courts / Courts of appeal
  • State Supreme Court / Court of last resort (highest court)
  • Judicial Branch
  • Administrative Office of the Courts

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State Court Records

Are you looking to conduct a background check?

Court records are different from background checks. Court records don't show a person's criminal history and may not give a complete or accurate picture of the person. Contact your state or local law enforcement agency about conducting a background check.

State Court System Structure

This court structure chart summarizes the key features of each state's court organization.

State Court Website Links

NCSC neither endorses the content of these websites nor accepts responsibility for information found on them. We welcome the submission of links to court websites.

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