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Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations.

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Tiny Chat 103: Judges in Lawyerless Courts

The typical trial court is lawyerless. That is, most of the people appearing represent themselves. This puts judges in a tough spot. They have to maintain neutrality, but for those lawyerless participants they also need to offer accommodations and information. And, of course, judges can and should engage in legal reform efforts.  So how do judges balance those demands? How do they actually behave in those courts, and what can this tell us about reform efforts and access to justice? Join Zach and Danielle as they discuss with Alyx Mark from Wesleyan University and Anna Carpenter from the University of Utah School of Law as they break down their paper on this very topic: Judges in Lawyerless Courts. Also, hats. Lots of hats.

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Tiny Chat 102: Increasing Appearance Rates

There are many ways courts can improve appearance rates, especially in low-level criminal and traffic court cases. This issue was recently highlighted in Resolution 2 (2022) by the Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators, too. In the Tiny Chats Test Kitchen, Senior Court Management Consultant Mike Tartaglia offers up a recipe chock full of tested and trusted ingredients. Be sure to check out the appearance rates resource page and don't forget to apply for technical assistance here.

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Tiny Chat 101: Website Design

In the future, all court websites are beautiful, functional, and accessible. Why not make the future a reality today? Join Zach and Danielle in a time-traveling conversation with Triana Kalmanoff, UX and Service Designer at A2J Tech, who will help you get your website into shape with some quick and easy tips. Want to know more about upping your website game? Check out another message from the future with Margaret Hagen from Standford's Legal Design Lab, explaining how you can make your website easier to find.

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