Tiny Chats

Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations. To sign-up to get notification of any future Tiny Chats, please register here.

Tiny Chat 8: Mailbag Stakeholders

NCSC Consultants Zach Zarnow and Danielle Hirsch are answering your questions as part of a series of special mailbag episodes. First up, how can courts better partner with non-traditional stakeholders? Featuring Utah Supreme Court Justice Dino Himonas and Amy Duncan from the Louisiana State Bar Association.

A Tiny Chat Mailbag Companion: Non-Traditional Stakeholders

Tiny Chat 7: Civil Filing Fee Waiver

How can courts approach the processes for the application and review of civil filing fee waivers during the pandemic? What should courts consider to ensure court staff and self-represented litigants understand the necessary steps and requirements for requesting a civil filing fee waiver while also accounting for social distancing requirements? Would it help if NCSC Consultants Zach Zarnow and Danielle Hirsch rhymed about this?

Tiny Chat 6: SRL E-Filing

In the sixth Tiny Chat, NCSC Consultants Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow interview court staff and partners from six states to learn how their jurisdictions are handling self-represented litigant e-filing during COVID-19. Join us on a spin across the country as we learn more about their various approaches during the pandemic.

A Tiny Chat Companion: Self-Represented Litigant E-Filing

Tiny Chat 5: Signatures and Notaries and Service

What can state birds teach us about digital signatures, notarization, and digital notice? Not much, but they are nice to look at. Join NCSC Consultants Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow in this latest Tiny Chat, which outlines initial digital alternatives to in-person procedural requirements for court pleadings. This Tiny Chat builds on the Digital Divide episode and foreshadows the next episode on Self-Represented Litigant E-Filing.

A Tiny Chat Companion: Signatures, Notaries, Notice

Tiny Chat 4: Digital Divide

With many court services now being offered online, Zach and Danielle discuss the impact of the digital divide with Monica Anderson from the Pew Research Center and David Kelly from the US Children's Bureau. Also appearing: questionable head wear and two surprise guests.

Letter from HHS re IV-B funding
Tiny Chat Companion: Additional Resources on the Digital Divide

Tiny Chat 3: Federal Pass-Through Funding

Zach and Danielle are joined by Karen Lash, federal grants guru, who helps them understand the federal block/formula/open-end reimbursement funds (AKA pass-through funds) available to court systems navigating COVID-19 with a focus on civil self help, technology innovation and domestic violence.

Federal Pass through Funds

Tiny Chats 2: Clear Communications

In this Tiny Chat, Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow offer five tips for courts to keep in mind when crafting a communication strategy around COVID-19. They also look at some concrete examples of courts communicating well and fail at solving a Rubik's cube.

A Tiny Chat Companion: Clear Court Communications

Tiny Chats 1: Introduction & Thinking About Court Users in the Response to COVID-19

The first chat focuses on how courts should think about court users in their response to COVID-19.