Danielle Hirsch

Danielle Hirsch is a Principal Court Management Consultant, focusing on access to justice initiatives. She leads several large national access to justice projects for NCSC, including the Justice for All Initiative that works to support comprehensive access to justice strategic planning and implementation in 14 states across the country and an Online Dispute Resolution and Legal Navigator project with the Civil Legal Modernization Unit of The Pew Charitable Trusts. In addition, Danielle is the co-creator and a co-host of Tiny Chats—offering free, digestible, and creative short-form educational videos on topics about access to justice.

Before joining NCSC, Danielle was the Assistant Director of Civil Justice Division of the Administrative Office of Illinois, where Danielle was responsible for leading and managing the judicial branch’s work to promote, facilitate and enhance access to justice in Illinois with a particular emphasis on efforts to remove barriers and increase the ease of interacting with courts by persons who cannot afford lawyers to represent their interests and needs.  Before joining the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, Danielle served as the Executive Director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and the Director of Advocacy at The Chicago Bar Foundation. Among many highlights of her work, Danielle developed and managed an innovative new program, Illinois JusticeCorps, which places college and law students in courthouses to provide procedural assistance to people without lawyers.

Danielle brings a broad range of relevant experience to the NCSC. Danielle has authored numerous articles in law reviews, bar journals and other publications and frequently is called upon to speak at legal, academic, and nonprofit meetings and events.