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Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations.

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Tiny Chat 124: Working with Interpreters

Interpreters are courtroom superheroes, but even with their amazing abilities, there are ways that courts can help them and ensure the best possible experience for court users, staff, and interpreters. The Tiny Chats team is traversing the multiverse to bring you tips for ways to more effectively work with interpreters. Check out NCSC's first fully animated Tiny Chat, and be sure to review the resource linked below.

Materials: 9 Tips for Hearings Using Court Interpreters

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Tiny Chat 123: Upstream - VA Data Sharing

The Indiana courts and the VA are sharing data to streamline the process of identifying people who might be eligible for Veterans Treatment Court. That's upstream thinking! Learn how they do it, and how you can do it too. NCSC's Zach Zarnow and Danielle Hirsch are joined by special guests Judge Hughes and Katie Wilson to explain.

About Veteran Re-Entry Search Service (VRSS)

"Multi-Agency Help for Veterans" - Indiana Court Times

Tiny Chat 122: GIS Mapping and Census Data

Your court can use free GIS Mapping and Census data to help it make informed decisions about how to best serve your community. In other news, Zach is buying a gas station.

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