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Ability to Pay Hearings: A Primer for Judges

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The Center for Judicial Ethics is a clearinghouse for information about judicial ethics and discipline.

The CJE provides research support for the conduct commissions that investigate complaints of judicial misconduct and tracks opinions issued by ethics advisory committees.  Each year, the CJE responds to hundreds of requests for information from reporters, judges, lawyers, and others.  The CJE publishes the Judicial Conduct Reporter and other resources on judicial ethics.  Every two years, the CJE presents the National College on Judicial Conduct and Ethics.  As a private organization, the CJE does not have the authority to discipline or investigate judges. The CJE became part of the NCSC in 2014, following the dissolution of the American Judicature Society.

CourtClass Tutorials

Watch the latest Center for Judicial Ethics CourtClass tutorial on the law and practice of conducting ability to pay hearings in connection with court-ordered financial obligations available below. In approximately 35 minutes, the online presentation covers the essential constitutional, ethical, and practical aspects of such hearings.

CourtClass: Ability to Pay Hearings - A Primer for Judicial Officers

CourtClass: Ability to Pay Hearings - Accompanying Materials

CourtClass - Ex Parte Communications

CourtClass: Ex Parte Communications - Accompanying Materials

CourtClass - Marches and Demonstrations: Judges and Courts Staff

CourtClass: Judicial Participation in Marches - Accompanying Materials

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Ability to Pay Hearings: A Primer for Judges

Ex Parte Communications

Marches and Demonstrations: Judges and Courts Staff