@ the Center

2017 Newsletters

November 21 Fall events + family justice + commercial-driving grant
October 18 Opioid crisis + hurricanes + Munsterman award
September 19 Rehnquist Award + CTC 2017 + International news
August 22 CCJ/COSCA + child-placement toolkit + language access
July 18 Trends + State Court Organization + NAPCO
June 20 Loyola Law School + CTC 2017 + Munsterman nominations
May 23 Sandra Day O'Connor Award winner + *New feature* 10 Questions
April 19 Probation Supervision + High-Profile Cases + CTC
March 21 Annual Report + Tunisia + Civil Justice
February 23 Fines & Fees + O'Connor Award + Civil Justice
January 24 Burger Award + Access & Fairness + Court Navigators

2016 Newsletters

December 13 Adult Guardianship Initiative + State of State Courts
November 22 Rehnquist award winner + Grants and Request for proposals
October 19 Election night + e-Courts + awards
September 20 Could CourtMD cure what ails you?; Courting Justice listening tour takes place in Little Rock, Arkansas
August 23 Civil justice + Burger Award + Access to justice
July 19 NAPCO + McQueen Award + e-Courts
June 21 Tavis Smiley TV series + New eBenchbook + Trends 2016
May 24 Newest graphic novel + Trends: Close Up + ICM Fellows graduation
April 19 Court Talk + Leadership + Webinars
March 22 Grand prize winner at CourtHack + Pandemic resource guide + New JTC papers
February 23 Body-Worn Cameras + Court Fines & Fees + Supreme Court
January 18 Jim Hannah & Judith Kaye + Burger Award + CourtHack

2015 Newsletters

December 16 State of the State Courts + Civics + e-Courts
November 24 NCSC’s Fall Events put spotlight on mental illness & justice system and need for civil justice reform
October 19 Using risk & needs assessment information at sentencing; Indiana judge named 2015 Munsterman Award winner
September 28 CTC 2015 created innovation momentum for court leaders; Webinar provides steps courts can take to improve guardianship practices
August 17 New at ncsc.org; Rehnquist award winner; VAWA funds
July 20 CTC 2015 announces keynote speaker, releases education program; North Dakota Chief Justice receives NCSC judicial award
June 22 *Just Released* Trends in State Courts 2015 + *New* juvenile justice website
May 18 Oh, the places NCSC's ICM Fellows will go; Judicial salaries show steady increase; Utah rules revisions = shorter time to disposition, fewer discovery disputes
April 20 Take advantage of CTC 2015's early bird rate; 2014 Annual report showcases NCSC highlights; It's Magna Carta mayhem at NCSC
March 23 Don't miss CTC 2015's opening-day registration deal; NCSC relaunches Center for Judicial Ethics clearinghouse
February 23 Poll shows uptick in view of state courts; State Court org updated and more user-friendly; new JTC paper makes case for judicial tools
January 26 NCSC publishes graphic novel about cyberbullying -- and Magna Carta; NCSC develops interactive security program

2014 Newsletters

December 17 e-Courts draws record attendance; NCSC hosting two upcoming webinars; NCSC establishes the Joan K. Cochet ICM Scholarship
November 24 Kansas appellate judge receives 2014 Rehnquist award; CCJ forms pandemic emergencies task force
October 20 NCSC acquires Center for Judicial Ethics; NCSC and nation's court community experience loss; 2014 Munsterman Award winner announced
September 23 New poster offers juror guidelines; Nominate a court leader for NCSC Burger Award; New model time standards provide guidance for state appellate courts
August 18 Kansas judge to receive Rehnquist Award; e-Courts 2014 education program announced; CCJ/COSCA announce new presidents
July 21 NCSC President Mary McQueen awarded ABA's John Marshall Award; NCSC releases Trends in State Courts 2014
June 23 NCSC hosts 2014 Juvenile Justice Summit; Registration open for FCICE Exam; Gavel to Gavel gearing up for November elections
May 20 Free online course addresses dynamics of elder abuse; Civil justice initiative under way; NCSC report suggests numerous staffing needs for Colorado Dept. of Corrections
April 21 Language access brief released; Court leaders tell NCSC story; NCSC pioneers performance measures for problem-solving courts
March 25 Judicial Salary Tracker updated and iPad friendly; Registration open for e-Courts 2014
February 19 NCSC launches CourtMD; NCSC develops new court security manual; CCJ President addresses ABA meeting
January 21 Counting self-represented cases now possible; Chief justices work on civil justice improvements