Answering the call for jury service

Jury service is one of the most unique privileges of being a U.S. citizen. Learn who’s eligible, what to do when summoned, and what happens when you’re selected. Learn how to do your part. And remember, a fair trial starts with you!

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Goodnight Status Quo

Allison McKenzie

10 Questions with Allison McKenzie

Allison, who co-wrote a Trends in State Courts article called “What Will Shape the Future of Courthouse Design?”, works as an architect on NCSC’s Planning Team, which imagines how space is used inside courthouses. The pandemic has really re-focused their thinking. “When you talk about the pandemic, so much of it is about the buildings,” she said. “Courts are embracing technology much faster than before the pandemic, so there is a lot to think about.”

Born in Hot Springs, Ark., she received her architecture degree at the University of Arkansas, and quickly moved to Boston. She also worked in Los Angeles and New York City before moving back to Arkansas. She now works in Denver.