Judicial Branch Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Training

This interactive online training has an introduction and five training modules that discuss caselaw under the code of judicial conduct and other authorities to provide guidance for judges on avoiding workplace sexual harassment and discrimination. Topics covered include: the impact of judicial misconduct on public trust and confidence, how the balance of power affects relationships, offensive and inappropriate behavior such as jokes, and the investigation process. The entire training takes approximately 60 minutes. Click here for a list of cases cited in each module. To learn more about these and other judicial ethics and discipline issues, sign up for the quarterly Judicial Conduct Reporter and the Center for Judicial Ethics blog.

Approximately 3 minutes

Module 1: Impropriety and its Appearance
Approximately 8 minutes

  • Describes what behavior warrants judicial discipline
  • Reviews case precedent to support judicial misconduct decisions
  • Describes the impact of judicial misconduct on public trust and confidence
  • Shows how to test for judicial impropriety
  • Cases cited

Module 2: Abuse of Power
Approximately 15 minutes

  • Describes how the balance of power affects relationships
  • Explains a judge’s responsibility to act appropriately
  • Provides guidance on how to know if starting a relationship is appropriate
  • Defines sexual harassment
  • Cases cited

Module 3: Offensive Behavior
Approximately 14 minutes

  • Looks at how certain behaviors, including jokes, can be appropriate even if someone laughs
  • Reviews examples of offensive and inappropriate behavior
  • Reviews personal responsibility
  • Reviews how to test offensiveness
  • Cases cited

Module 4: Discrimination
Approximately 14 minutes

  • Looks at Rule 2.3 of the Model Code of Judicial Conduct, which prohibits harassment and discrimination, including bias and prejudice
  • Reviews several examples and identifies how bias and prejudice were manifested
  • Cases cited

Module 5: Investigation Process
Approximately 7 minutes

  • Reviews the responsibilities of judicial conduct commissions
  • Looks at the impact of the judge’s behavior on judicial conduct commission investigations and proceedings
  • Cases cited