Criminal justice: Past projects

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Judicial Probation Workload Project Conducted for the Colorado Judiciary, 2019-2020

Adult Probation Implementation Project Conducted for the Summit County Common Pleas Court, Ohio, 2019-2020


Comprehensive Assessment of Juvenile Probation Services for the Fulton County, Georgia Juvenile Court, 2018-2019

Enhancing Court and Probation Practices for Cases Involving Juveniles, a Project Conducted for the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts, 2017-2019

Evaluation of Alternative to Incarceration Programs in Suffolk County, New York, 2016-2019


Adult Probation Program Assessment for the Summit County, Ohio Courts, 2018

Alternative Sentencing Feasibility Study for the Las Vegas, Nevada Justice Court, 2018

Evidence-Based Practices Evaluation for the Twenty-Fourth Judicial District (Jefferson Parish) of Louisiana, 2018


Community Supervision Services Evaluation for the City of Tempe, Arizona, 2017

Court Administrator and Probation Recruitment Assistance for the Lake County, Illinois Courts, 2017

Evidence-Based Practices Evaluation for the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center, Old Dominion Court Services, Winchester County, Virginia, 2017

Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Study for Adult Probation in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Courts, 2017

Probation Efficiency Study for the Licking County, Ohio Courts, 2017


Best Practices Training Program for the Missouri Office of Court Administration, 2016

Juvenile Probation Workload Assessment for the Montana Supreme Court, 2016

Performance Measurement and Recidivism Study for the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association, 2016 

Pretrial Services Virtual Tour Project for the Kentucky AOC, 2016


Probation Best Practices Project for the Kane County, Illinois Courts, 2015

Probation Data Collection Assessment for the Illinois Courts, 2015


Probation Staff Workload Study for the State of Colorado Judicial Department, Division of Probation Services, 2014

Readiness Assessment of Adult Probation Department for the Superior Court of California, County of Imperial (SJI Grant), 2014

Technical Assistance and Planning for Evidence-Based Practices Implementation for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, 2014


Court Worker, Probation Officer, and Treatment Provider Training for McLean County Court Services, Illinois, 2013

Develop and Expand Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaboratives for McLean County Court Services, Illinois, 2013

Organizational Assessment of the Adult Probation and Parole Department for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, 2013


Comprehensive Research and Planning Process to Identify State Level Strategies to Promote Public Safety, Reduce Recidivism Rates and Address Criminal and Addictive Behaviors for the Wisconsin Court System (SJI Grant), 2012

Training for Juvenile Probation Officers on the Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment (CJRA) for the Colorado Judicial Department (SJI Grant), 2012

Training and Implementation Planning for New Risk Assessment Tool for the Colorado Division of Probation Services (SJI Grant), 2012


Corrections Information Sharing and Interstate Compacts for the American Probation and Parole Association, 2011

Juvenile Probation Assessment for the Maricopa County, Arizona Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2011


Assessment of Current Community Based Services for the Mesa County, Colorado Justice System, 2010

Create and Implement Processes for Alternatives to Reduce Adult Detention Center Population for Sedgwick County, Kansas (subcontractor to Justice Concepts), 2010

Workload Assessment for Juvenile Probation Officers for the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts (SJI Grant), 2010


Probation Officer Updated Workload Values Study for the Colorado Judicial Branch, 2009

Review of Governance and Management of Court Services for the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, Kane County, Illinois, 2009


Assist the South Dakota Unified Judicial System Planning Council, Technology Council, and Presiding Judges with the Upgrade of the Probation Case Management Systems at their September Conference, 2008


Court Services Officers Weighted Workload Study for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System, 2007

Technology Needs Assessment for Pike County Probation Department, Court of Common Pleas, 60th Judicial District, Milford, Pennsylvania, 2007


Massachusetts Probation Clerical Workload Study, 2005


Arizona Adult/Juvenile Probation and Detention Personnel Study, 2004