Data and Analysis

May 2022

State Court Organization  - Demographics

A component of the Court Statistics Project, State Courts Organization presents detailed comparative information about how state trial and appellate courts are organized and administered. This update includes judicial demographic information on gender, race and ethnicity.

April 6, 2022

Research on pretrial assessment, release and detention

This session covers information essential for advancing the pretrial system in your state. Topics include the empirical research, important issues and practical considerations of pretrial assessment; actuarial assessment tools, including bias and disparity; the effectiveness of pretrial release conditions; and the harms of pretrial detention. Participants learn how the empirical research has supported the historical and legal foundations of the pretrial system in the United States.

Collecting Race & Ethnicity Data, Court Statistics Project

Since the Civil Rights Movement, the stated purpose of collecting agency data on race and ethnicity has been to document inequality. Courts have an affirmative responsibility to provide justice in a way that is both accessible and fair, and perceived as accessible and fair, for all.