Reports from Courts


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The following states have implemented CourTools measures on a statewide basis.





  • The Massachusetts adaptation of CourTools, initiated in 2006, is known as Court Metrics.


  • The approach to statewide implementation of court performance measures
  • View county by county court performance measures via this portal.
  • A unique and innovative set of metrics and descriptors about the state judiciary is published here.



  • View the 2010 Report of Recommendations that describe the initiation of statewide District Court performance measures and data improvement.
  • Quarterly reports of District Court Performance Measures are published here.

New Jersey:




  • Pennsylvania’s civil case inventory project dashboard has several tabs.  The “Inventory Project” tab shows the differences between counties where courts closely control the dockets to those where attorneys are held accountable to a timetable or case management plan. The “Annual Update” tab shows the age and type of civil cases on the courts’ dockets. The third and fourth tabs show the percentage of cases over two years old by county.


  • See the measures here in a dynamic web tool that allows viewers to drill down on case types, courts, and time periods


  • Wisconsin publishes clearance rates, time to disposition and age of active pending statewide for its general jurisdiction circuit courts in annual reports here.

Trial Courts

The following general and limited jurisdiction courts have used CourTools measures successfully over several years to improve court management.

14th Judicial District, Durham County, NC Performance Measures.

17th Judicial Circuit, Kent County, MI has implemented the full 10 Measures and publishes results on their well-designed Web page.

17th Judicial Circuit, IL implements CourTools Measure 1 - Access and Fairness.  View the summer 2012 survey results.

19th Judicial District, IL organizes its performance measurement in a system it calls the SMAART Performance Measurement System. View the SMAART reports.

Bexar County, TX shows reports by court by judge, and has some innovative measures using cost. See all their judicial management reports here.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court OH publishes results for Measures 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 8, on its web site.

Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court OH is working on several measures.

Harris County, TX (Houston) - Criminal Courts at Law publish results on Measures 2, 3, and 4.

Lee's Summit, MO - Municipal Court performance measures reports.

Lubbock County District Courts and County Courts at Law - These courts have used CourTools measures since 2005. See all their annual reports.

King County Superior Court, WA uses Measures 2, 3, and 4 by case type, along with other measures.

Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court uses CourTools and publishes its results.

Scottsdale City Court, AZ publishes its performances results in the Annual Reports section.

Tarrant County Texas created a judicial dashboard.

Tippecanoe, IN County Courts (Circuit and Superior) have conducted the Measure 1, Access and Fairness survey such as this one in 2012, for seven years.