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Eviction Diversion Initiative encourages networking, collaboration during national facilitator convening

Eviction Diversion Initiative encourages networking, collaboration during national facilitator convening

February 27, 2024 --  Last week, NCSC gathered representatives from 22 courts participating in the Eviction Diversion Initiative (EDI) to discuss new ways they can assist people facing eviction and homelessness and use housing courts as a point of connection to stabilizing resources.

Established in 2022, the program provides grant funding and technical assistance to design and operate court-based eviction diversion programs that give landlords and tenants time, information, and resources to resolve housing disputes in a less harmful way.

"At NCSC, we’re helping courts figure out the best way they can structure their programs to help their communities," said Principal Court Management Consultant Samira Nazem. "We have to do a better job presenting alternatives to eviction and connecting people to resources."

Program Improvement

During the three-day educational program in Houston, experts discussed fostering client agency through self-advocacy, creating a trauma-informed court experience, and implementing user-centered design practices in local programs.

The convening, sponsored by Bank of America, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the needs of users to effectively address the anxiety and fear people often feel when dealing with eviction-related issues. One of the presenters, Margaret Hagan, executive director of the Stanford Legal Design Lab, also shared how user journey maps can identify key areas requiring improvement and system optimization.

Networking & Collaboration

Grant-funded staff from each court – which included eviction diversion program managers, court navigators, social workers, and pro tem judges - shared their ideas and success stories about how they’re positively impacting individuals and the relationship between courts and the communities they serve.

One example came from Milwaukee, where staff have successfully created journey maps for landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders, resulting in program improvements and better stakeholder coordination.

Priscila Auffant, of the Brooklyn Housing Court, stated that she is returning home with bigger ideas that were made possible by the opportunity to share with each other.

As the convening concluded, one participant expressed a sense of fulfillment and purpose in making a difference in people's lives.

"Every day I am given the opportunity to improve the quality of life for the families in my community. This is the greatest work I have ever participated in," remarked EDI Eviction Diversion Facilitator Ulices Rosa from 54-A District Court in Michigan.

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