Practical Guidance

The W&D Toolkit exists to help your organization improve operational effectiveness in managing warrants and matching dispositions. Both processes require that critical operational information be shared effectively between law enforcement and the courts. While other agencies are involved in these processes, law enforcement and courts play predominant roles. The accurate and timely exchange of information between these two justice partners is critical to improving these processes as a whole.

Guiding Principles are the overarching concepts or values that drive strategies, goals, and tactics necessary to improve the process of exchanging relevant warrant and disposition data among all justice partners. Some principles apply to both warrant management and disposition matching, there are details unique to each.

Guiding Principles
Warrant Management   Disposition Matching


Because these principles are interconnected, improving one area may rely on or facilitate changes in another. Effective governance and collaboration among all stakeholders is essential to both.

Establishing a common technical infrastructure will improve data sharing, which in turn creates the opportunity to change business processes. Taken holistically, applying the guidance provided in the toolkit can lead to broader systemic changes that significantly improve both the management of warrants and the completeness of criminal histories.