Common Acronyms

The following table contains definitions for frequently used acronyms related to the processing of warrant and disposition records. Where appropriate, links to websites containing additional information are included.

Acronym Name
ACA American Correctional Association
ACH Automated Clearing House
ACS Automated Case Support or Automated Casefile System
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFIT Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology
a-id Automatic IDs
ANS Alert and Notification System
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APA  Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
AOC Administrative Office of the Courts
APB (or CJIS APB) Advisory Policy Board (of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division)
APPA American Probation and Parole Association
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
ATIX Automated Trusted Information Exchange
ATN  Arrest Tracking Number
BAM Business Activity Monitoring
BJA Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. DOJ
BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC)
BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. DOJ
BPEL Business Process Execution Language
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
CAD Computer Aided Dispatch (or computer assisted dispatch)
CAP Corrective Action Program
CC National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council (Compact Council)
CCH Computerized Criminal History
CCJ Conference of Chief Justices
CFR Code of Federal Regulations (Annual Edition)
CHRI Criminal History Record Information (as in CHRI system)
CITA Crime Identification Technology Act
CJIS Criminal Justice Information System or Criminal Justice Information Services
CJIS Division FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division
CJRI Criminal Justice Records Information
CODIS Combined DNA Information System, FBI
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CORI Criminal Offender Record Information Act (Massachusetts, MGL c. 6 s. 167-178B)
COSCA Conference of State Court Administrators
COTS Commercial-Of-The-Shelf, as in COTS software
CMS Case Management System
CSA  Criminal Justice Information Systems Agency
DC Drug Court
DCT Data Collection Tool
DHS U.S. Department of Homeland Security
DOC Department/Deployment Operations Center or Department of Corrections
DOJ U.S. Department of Justice
DPS Department of Public Safety
EBTS Electronic Biometric Transmissions Standard
eCFR Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EFTS Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Standard
EIN Employee Identification Number
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI CJIS FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division
FIFS Felon Identification for Firearms Sales
GAC Global Advisory Committee
GFIPM Global Federated Identity & Privilege Management (
GIST Global Information Sharing Toolkit 
GISWG Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group
GJXDD Global Justice XML Data Dictionary
GJXDM Global Justice XML Data Model
Global Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global)
GRA* Global Reference Architecture (formerly referred to as JRA, Justice Reference Architecture)
GSC  Global Standards Council
GSP  Global Standards Package
GXSTF Global XML Structure Task Force
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
IACP  International Association of Chiefs of Police
IAFIS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, FBI
IBIS Integrated Biometric Identification System (hand-held fingerprinting)
IBR Incident-based Reporting
ICJIS Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
ID Identification
IEPD Information Exchange Package Documentation
III or "triple I" Interstate Identification Index
IIR  Institute for Intergovernmental Research
IJIS Integrated Justice Information Systems
IJIS Institute Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute
ISE Information Sharing Environment
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISS Identification Services Subcommittee of the CJIS APB
IT Information Technology
ITN  Incident Tracking Number
JAG Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
JIC Justice Information Center
JIEM Justice Information Exchange Model
JIPA Justice Information Policy Assistance
JIS Justice Information Sharing
JISP  Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network
JMS Jail Management System
JRA* Justice Reference Architecture (now referred to as GRA, Global Reference Architecture)
JSC Justice Standards Clearinghouse
JTF Joint Task Force on Rap Sheet Standardization
JUSTNET Justice Technology Information Network
JXDD Global Justice XML Data Dictionary
JXDM Global Justice XML Data Model
LAN Local-area network
LEIS Law Enforcement Information Sharing
LEO Law Enforcement Online
LLIS Lessons Learned Information Sharing (FEMA)
MAC Multiagency coordination
MACS Multiagency coordination systems
MHC Mental Health Court
MNI Master Name Index
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOBIS Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRD Machine Readable Data
NACM National Association for Court Management
NAJIS National Association for Justice Information Systems
NARIP  NICS Act Record Improvement Program
NASCIO National Association of State Chief Information Officers
NCHIP National Criminal History Improvement Program, BJS
NCIC National Crime Information Center, FBI
NCJRS National Crime Justice Reference Service
NCSC National Center for State Courts
NDAA  National District Attorneys Association
N-DEx FBI's Law Enforcement National Data Exchange Initiative
NDR Naming and Design Rules
NFF National Fingerprint File
NGI Next Generation Identification (FBI)
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NIAA NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (BJS web site)
NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (GovTrack - legislation)
NIBRS National Incident-Based Reporting System
NICS National Instant Criminal Background Check System
NIEM National Information Exchange Model
NIJ National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice
NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology
NLETS National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (now renamed "Niets, The International Justice & Public Safety Information Sharing Network")
NSA  National Sheriffs' Association
NSOPR National Sex Offender Public Registry (BJA program provides one-step access to all states' sex offender registry information)
NSOR National Sex Offender Registry
NTTAC National Training and Technical Assistance Center (BJA site that facilitates the delivery of technical assistance and training) 
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OCA Office of Court Administration or Office of Congressional Affairs
OJJDP  Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
OJP Office of Justice Programs (office within U.S. Department of Justice that oversees Bureau of Justice Assistance, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, etc.)
OJP IT Office of Justice Programs Information Technology Initiatives Web site
OOP Object-oriented programming
ORI Originating Agency Identifier (used by FBI to route NCIC and III messages)
OSCA Office of the State Courts Administrator
OVC  Office of Victims of Crime 
OVW  Office on Violence Against Women
PII Personally Identifiable Information
PIN Personal Identification Number
PM-ISE Project Management Information Sharing Environment
POC Point of Contact or Proof of Concept
R84  Final Disposition Reporting Form
RISS Regional Information Sharing Systems
RMS Records Management System
RQI  Records Quality Index
SAML Security Assertion Markup Layer
SCA State Courts Administrator
SEARCH The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, SEARCH (formerly stood for System for the Electronic Analysis and Retrieval of Criminal Histories)
SID State Identification Number
SME Subject-matter expert
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SORNA Sex Offender Registry and Notification Act
SRM Service Reference Model
SSGT Schema Subset Generation Tool
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
STE Secure Terminal Equipment
STT Services Task Team
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TLS Transport Layer Security
TRM Technical Reference Model
UCR Uniform Crime Reporting
USC United States Code
WAN Wide-area network
WPF  NCIC Wanted Person File
WS Web Services
WSDL  Web Services Description Language
WS-I BSP Web Services-I Basic Security Profile
WS-SIP Web Services Service Interaction Profile
XMI XML Metadata Interchange
XML eXtensible Markup Language
XSTF Global XML Structure Task Force