Answering the call for jury service

Jury service is one of the most unique privileges of being a U.S. citizen. Learn who’s eligible, what to do when summoned, and what happens when you’re selected. Learn how to do your part. And remember, a fair trial starts with you!

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Pandemic: Lessons for judges and other court employees

10 Questions with Miriam Hamilton

Born in Germany to parents who had an interest in learning and understanding the world, it wasn’t a shock that Miriam would take a gap year after high school and leave Germany. She attended a Christian ministry school in Fort Mill, S.C., just south of Charlotte, where she met her future husband, before returning to Germany to study political science and government. Afterward, she and her husband returned to the United States, where she earned a masters degree in political science from the University of Nebraska. A program specialist in the Research Division, Miriam supports Diane Robinson, a senior court research associate who works on data governance issues and projects that helps courts protect vulnerable people.