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NCSC celebrates 50 years

A message from NCSC President Mary McQueen

Celebrating 50 years

Trusted leadership. Proven solutions. Better courts.

The National Center for State Courts turns 50 in 2021!  Initially co-located with the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., today NCSC has four domestic offices and 15 abroad.  The NCSC has grown from a handful of staff members to 153 court experts, researchers, lawyers, and technologists.

Anniversaries denote more than the passage of time. They also symbolize increased knowledge, critical experiences, unchartered challenges and the recognition that comes with time.

1971 was a remarkable year. Apollo 14 landed on the moon, a tiny coffee shop named Starbucks opened in Seattle, the voting age was lowered to 18 – and the National Center for State Courts was established.  Today, NCSC is embracing the essence of the number 50 with a renewed energy, a redefined destiny, educated curiosity, and earned experience.

NCSC’s evolution mirrors that spirit: in 50 years courts have refocused their purpose from resolving cases to solving problems, embraced technology that improves access to justice, applied evidence-based experience, and adapted a triage approach to case management.  All the while, courts have continued to expand their understanding of the rule of law.

During this anniversary year we invite you to join in the 50th Celebration by sharing a memory that reflects how NCSC’s commitment to “trusted leadership, proven solutions and better courts” has changed our justice system.

“That’s 50!"