Open Portal System Business Process Review

The Kentucky Open Portal System (KYOPS) program, headed by Kentucky's Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, is a collection of applications for criminal justice information sharing. Kentucky State Police (KSP) initially developed KYOPS to assist law enforcement agencies in collecting data and submitting it for the "Crime in Kentucky" report, but it has evolved into an essential tool for the criminal justice agencies within the state.

In collaboration with Kentucky's NICS Record Improvement Task Force, the Kentucky State Police conducted a business process review and baseline needs assessment of warrant and disposition management/reporting processes.

 Observation and Recommendations Report: Kentucky eWarrant System and Disposition Management  Processes
  Kentucky Open Portal System (KYOPS) business process review and needs assessment conducted by the Warrant and Disposition Management team.

Statewide eWarrant System

Kentucky has implemented an easy-to-use streamlined system that is a robust electronic forms application for the criminal justice system where users can request warrants electronically and judges can review and approve the warrant at their convenience through a web application on their computer, tablet or smart phone.

 Kentucky eWarrant Case Study
  Profile of Kentucky's eWarrant system, including its strengths and weaknesses.