Offense Cycle Number Query Application

As part of a strategic plan to increase sharing of the offense cycle number (OCN) among criminal justice agencies, the Missouri State Highway Patrol implemented the OCN Query Application, giving county prosecutors the ability to search the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) for the OCN if it was not available when charges were initially referred.

Using this application, prosecutors in counties where the Karpel Case Management System (KCMS) is implemented can import the OCN and other pertinent arrest data directly, automating a data entry process. Prosecutors in counties without an automated case management system will also be able to query the OCN using a secure web portal.

For this project, Missouri designed system interfaces leveraging the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), which reduced the total cost of ownershipof exchanging information among organizations. The design process was more successful than previous projects because of the new emphasis on system documentation, ensuring that all stakeholders understood the requirements and design of the system.

 Missouri OCN Query Application Final Report
  Goals, deliverables, and lessons learned from the project.
 Missouri OCN Query Application Design
  Detailed design specifications for Missouri's Offense Cycle Number (OCN) Query Application.
 Missouri OCN Query Application Requirements
  Detailed requirement specifications for Missouri's Offense Cycle Number (OCN) Query Application. 
Missouri OCN Query Application Service Specification Packages 
  Service description, service interface descriptions, schemas, and samples used to implement and test Missouri's OCN Query Application.