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From this page you can locate a Fellows classmate, review photos of graduating classes, learn about recent graduates.

The Gallery Years

We also welcome photos that you would like to have us add to the “Gallery." More than just a social opportunity, we at ICM feel that the community of Fellows that was created over 40 years ago needs to be celebrated. Fellows experienced a unique education and development process that has provided fertile ground upon which the field of court administration has prospered. Beginning with the first class of 1970 to the most current graduating class, court managers have carried on the tradition of striving for excellence, public service, and personal development. This is the Fellows legacy. As a part of this legacy, this home page is due recognition and a tribute to your accomplishments.

2015 Class Spokesperson, Margaret R. Allen

President McQueen, Vice President Meeks, Administrator Harris, Dean Straub, Toni Grainer, Amy McDowell, guests and my fellow Fellows.

First, I’m honored to speak on behalf of our class today.  You are such impressive individuals, and the fact that you placed your confidence in me is humbling. 

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2015 Vice President's Award of Merit for Applied Research Recipient

Each year, the Vice President of ICM presents the Award of Merit for Applied Research to the ICM Fellows Program graduate who has completed the most outstanding court improvement project.  The 2015 recipient is Tracy J. (TJ) BeMent, District Court Administrator with the 10th Judicial Administrative District, located in Athens, Georgia.