ICM Scholarships

Page updated March 12, 2024 

Scholarship funds are generously provided by the State Justice Institute (SJI) and are available for applicants currently employed by a court in the United States (includes territories).  Federal court employees are not eligible for scholarships.

Because of the limited amount of funding available, only full-time judges of state or local trial and appellate courts; full-time professional state or local court personnel with management responsibilities or on a professional career track; and supervisory and management probation officials in judicial branch probation offices are eligible for the program.  Senior judges, part-time judges, quasi-judicial hearing officers including referees and commissioners, administrative law judges, staff attorneys, law clerks, line staff, law enforcement officers, and other executive branch personnel are not eligible.

Scholarship applications are being accepted for Virtual Courses. Each applicant may apply for the equivalent of full tuition for one Certified Court Manager (CCM) and Certified Court Executive (CCE) Virtual Course per year. Self-Study Online Courses are not eligible for scholarships.

Information regarding scholarships for ICM Fellows candidates can be found on the Prospective Fellows web page.

Please email ICM_Scholarships@ncsc.org with any questions regarding your scholarship application.

Notes on the scholarship application process for those taking a CCM or CCE virtual course:

  • Browse a listing of upcoming courses at https://ncsc.courtlms.org/catalog
  • Follow the registration link displayed on the description page of the course you want to take.
  • When completing the registration process, select pay by check (please do not pay at this time).
  • At the same time you register for the course, complete and submit the scholarship application found at this link.
    • You will receive notification that your application has been received within  3 days of your submission and will be notified that you have received a scholarship in approximately 7 days.
  • You will receive a confirmation/invoice after you register for your course showing a balance due of $495.  This will reserve you a seat in the course. If you are awarded a scholarship and you successfully complete the course, your scholarship will be applied to your balance.
  • Scholarship recipients who do not cancel at least 5 days before the course begins are not eligible to receive another scholarship during that calendar year.